Performance reports

You want deep insights at the moments you need it the most, that’s Power BI fueled by BIRDS. With BIRDS you set up the performance dashboards in Power BI.


A performance dashboard is the front end with multiple reports and indicators on it. On this dashboard you see how the organization performs on the indicators you selected, you can spot trends and progress in projects and other complex, multi-disciplined areas. You also can highlight patterns and connections in a certain context.

We include a nice User Interface for your performance dashboard in the BIRDS package. This User Interface combines the best way to visualize your data based on the different indicators most companies want to see. As a dashboard template is included in BIRDS this is not mandatory, if you want to setup the UI of your performance dashboard in Power BI in an own / different UI/UX your free to do so. For many companies we’ve created a custom UI/UX based on the ‘data story’ they want to tell. If you want to learn more about a custom UI/UX check the ‘visualization’ page.

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