Data is key for Dutch shoemaker Van Bommel

Van Bommel Shoes explains how they are using BIRDS to transform Dynamics data into real insights.

Quick insights

  • Kickstart by using predefined templates
  • Data Insights in 5 weeks after go live with Dynamics F&O
  • Out of the box solution instead of custom

About Van Bommel

Shoe manufacturer van Bommel has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. ‘Van Bommel’ is the centuries-old classic shoe brand that has been produced by the Van Bommel family for 9 generations. In addition to this classic brand, the shoe factory van Bommel also carries the fashionable brand ‘Floris van Bommel’.

About the project

During 2021 the new Microsoft Dynamics ERP system has gone live at van Bommel and the necessity of an BI reporting system arised. Instead of building an custommade Data Warehouse, Van Bommel chose Microsoft Power BI and BIRDS to extract the Dynamics data and get real insights in Power BI.

In the video below, CEO Reynier van Bommel explains the value of BIRDS for their company and why a standard solution is more benifical than a customade BI tool.

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