Power BI & BIRDS for Breman

Breman is consistently enhancing insights and dashboards by leveraging the powerful tools from BIRDS and 4PS.

Quick insights

  • 50% time savings achieved in the ETL process (daily data refresh).
  • Starting with a Proof of Concept (PoC).
  • Self-service component of the solution.
  • Good integration with the 4PS ERP system.
  • Consultants who speak our language.

"BIRDS serves as the cornerstone for our transformation into a data-driven organization."

Breman is continuously enhancing its data-driven insights and dashboards, leveraging the appropriate tools from BIRDS and 4PS.

Breman is a recognized authority in sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for residential, commercial, and utility buildings. With a workforce comprising nearly 1,700 skilled installation experts, Breman is actively shaping a future characterized by sustainable technical installations. The organization is structured into multiple specialized installation companies, strategically organized into five distinct divisions. This approach enables Breman to effectively cater to both private and commercial markets, tailoring solutions to meet diverse needs.

Furthermore, Breman's IT department plays a pivotal role in supporting the organization's business processes. They offer extensive support, spanning from managing the Dynamics NAV ERP solution to handling Windows installations. This comprehensive IT support ensures the seamless operation of the organization's various functions.

Capturing data on services

Breman doesn't just provide hardware and software for its employees; it also equips them with a range of other devices, including digital flue gas analyzers. All the data collected during their work is of great significance to the installation company based in Genemuiden. Remco Hendriks, Business Advisor for Information Management, emphasizes the importance of comprehensive data capture, stating, "Especially when it comes to our services, we aim to capture every aspect of what occurs. We gather and leverage all data, from travel time and hours worked to project completion."

This commitment to capturing and utilizing a wide range of data reflects Breman's dedication to maximizing the value of information in their service operations, which can lead to improved efficiency, quality, and decision-making.

BIRDS has a strategic advantage

Breman's ERP system, furnished by 4PS, benefits from a close partnership with BIRDS, offering a distinct strategic advantage. Given this strong collaboration and synergy between the two partners, Breman can reasonably presume that BIRDS integrates seamlessly with the 4PS module within the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. This assumption is grounded in the trust established through their strategic partnership and can simplify decision-making regarding the compatibility and effectiveness of these integrated solutions. However, it's still prudent for Breman to conduct due diligence and potentially pilot the integration to ensure it meets their specific needs and expectations."For that reason, we wanted to work with BIRDS, but we first conducted a Proof of Concept (PoC) for certainty."

In summary

 “To effectively turn data into valuable business insights, a robust data platform is essential. However, the technical solution alone is not enough; the collaborative approach and alignment with your BI partner's mindset are equally crucial. Success is more readily achieved when there is a shared commitment to collaboration and a unified approach to the objectives.”

Following a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), Breman embarked on the transition from their old data warehouse to BIRDS, leveraging Microsoft Power BI. This transition was executed by a small project team in close collaboration with BIRDS consultants. This approach reflects Breman's commitment to a methodical and collaborative process in implementing their new data solution. “The employees who interact with the dashboards on a daily basis experienced a relatively seamless transition, and this was by design. The goal was to ensure a smooth shift from one dashboard to another, with minimal disruption. In essence, it was a case of one dashboard going out, and the new one coming in, with the intention of minimizing any noticeable disruptions in their workflow.”

A remarkable 50% reduction in processing time for the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process during daily data refresh has been achieved, and this improvement can be attributed to several factors. The most significant factor is the adoption of an iterative loading approach for the data warehouse. This method ensures that only changes are processed overnight, reducing the time required for updates. Additionally, once a month, after the release of new functionalities, a full data warehouse refresh is performed.

In addition to iterative updates, BIRDS employs parallel processing techniques, further enhancing data processing speed and efficiency. Remco emphasizes the importance of this speed improvement by stating, "My colleagues can now start their workday with the latest data, which is crucial." This efficiency allows Breman's team to have access to up-to-date information at the beginning of their workday, which can significantly impact decision-making and productivity.

For a company like Breman, gaining insights into the realm of services is of utmost importance. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as planned maintenance vs. capacity, contracted maintenance and contract management, first-time fix ratios, and more, are all essential metrics that can now be monitored and customized in-house using BIRDS. Furthermore, some individuals within Breman have the capability to construct their own dashboards, and in this context, BIRDS plays an indispensable role. It empowers Breman to have real-time access to these critical service-related insights, enabling informed decision-making and agile adjustments to their operations. “Breman is actively pursuing a data-driven transformation by launching a dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) project aimed at generating data insights across all departments within the organization. BIRDS serves as the foundational pillar for this endeavor, facilitating Breman's journey toward becoming a truly data-driven organization. This strategic initiative underscores the commitment to harnessing data to drive informed decisions and optimize operations across the entire company.”

The power of a standard Data Platform

The decision to implement BIRDS, coupled with the 4PS solution on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, simplifies the goal of aligning as closely as possible with standard software. This strategic choice enables Breman to minimize customization and stay more in line with industry-standard software configurations. By doing so, Breman can benefit from greater stability, easier maintenance, and smoother software updates, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined IT ecosystem."When we update our ERP platform, BIRDS ensures that it keeps working. You can tell that the consultants at BIRDS understand our language."

Ensuring collaboration

The ongoing collaboration between BIRDS consultants and Breman even after the go-live phase is indicative of a strong and enduring partnership. This continued relationship suggests that both parties recognize the importance of post-implementation support, optimization, and the evolving nature of technology and business needs. "We add new functionalities, plan joint performance days to see how we can make our system even faster. This way, we ensure the continuation of good collaboration and continue to add value for our internal end users."

"We are pleased with BIRDS' solution. Using the standard as a foundation was the right decision, and the ability to create custom dashboards was crucial. The collaboration has been excellent.” concludes Hendriks.

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