BIRDS for Data Analysts

Als data-analist manoeuvreer je je de hele dag door de wereld van data, maar hoe zeker voel je je wanneer de hele organisatie naar jou kijkt voor het beantwoorden van (vaak complexe) datavragen?


How to become a data strategist with Power BI

To perform optimally as a data analyst, you need efficient tools that allow you to analyse data instead of drowning in data collection. Before you can really move forward, your organisation needs to have a clear vision for a single central source of truth for data, implement the right reporting software in the organisation, and have a clear scope for what data sources are available and how to access this data. Without this foundation, your role is more of a 'data collector' constantly chasing data, rather than a data strategist leading the business with in-depth analysis.

What you really need is a powerful but user-friendly platform that allows you to connect all your data from MS Dynamics and other data sources and automatically turn it into in-depth insights using BI Content Packs in Power BI. This automates the boring and repetitive part of your work, allowing you to focus on what really matters: interpreting data, identifying success indicators and assessing progress towards targets. Data extraction is minimised, reports are flexible enough for employees to generate their own discoveries and insights, and you become the king of data paving the way for a 'data-driven business'.

Instant insight into relevant data thanks to Power BI

Maybe you are thinking, "I already have Power BI linked to various applications and am quite willing to build and maintain all those integrations." Or maybe you look beyond the here and now and want to focus on creating truly valuable insights instead of performing repetitive and boring tasks.

BIRDS is an intelligent Data Platform for MS Dynamics and other sources that enables you to extract data sources and seamlessly transform them into in-depth insights in Power BI. In other words, BIRDS feeds Power BI with relevant data. Because we focus mainly on Microsoft Dynamics as the main data source, BIRDS comes with pre-filled BI content packages that already contain the Dynamics data structure. This allows you to set up reports within hours, instead of days.

As experts, we know exactly how to make data analysts even more powerful. Want to know more? We welcome you to view our reference stories, book a demo, or find out how to purchase BIRDS.

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