Power BI for Finance

If you are active within the financial domain, you no doubt recognise the immense responsibility that rests on your shoulders when it comes to preparing budgets and presenting reports on performance against set targets. And if that is not enough, you also deal with performing complex cash flow analyses, consolidations of multiple companies and preparing financial statements.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power BI for Finance

The data you need for reports often seems to be scattered across the company. Moreover, creating high-quality reports with in-depth insights often requires programming skills, something that is not exclusive to the finance department, but often involves IT. All the time spent preparing reports and often making adjustments to them, you would probably rather spend on analysing the data and optimising the results!

What you need is a powerful but user-friendly data platform that allows you to effortlessly access MS Dynamics and all your data sources and automatically link them to predefined BI content packages. This gives you a flying start, as you no longer have to manually access data sources and base Power BI reports on them. Moreover, this platform allows you to deliver flexible Power BI reports to your colleagues, allowing them to perform in-depth analyses themselves. We call this 'self-service BI', because users can customise Power BI reports as needed to discover business improvements.

BIRDS for Power BI gets you off to a flying start

You may be thinking, "We already use Power BI, but our current process is far from what is described above." This is precisely why you need BIRDS. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that helps you easily access MS Dynamics and other data sources and seamlessly integrate them into in-depth insights within Power BI. In other words, BIRDS feeds Power BI with relevant data. Focusing mainly on Microsoft Dynamics as the main data source, BIRDS comes with pre-filled BI content packages that already contain Dynamics' data structure. This allows you to set up performance reports in days, instead of weeks!

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