BI Content Packs

The challenging part about setting up a flexible yet insightful Power BI dashboard is that you need to combine datasets from different entities in Dynamics. BIRDS provides an intelligent Data Platform that not only extracts Microsoft Dynamics data logic and other data sources. It can seamlessly convert this into real insights.


Setting up a performance dashboard for your companies turnover isn’t just checking the Sales entity in Dynamics 365. You probably need some entities from the Sales area, but also entities from the Finance, Purchase and maybe Projects module of Dynamics 365. If you create all these dashboards without any help, be prepared to start a labor-intensive job.

You can kickstart the BI implementation with our BI Content Packs. Content packs provide a way to share Power BI objects like reports, datasets, dashboards, or Excel Workbooks. The best thing about Content Packs is that when we install BIRDS, you will have your first performance dashboards ready in mere hours, not days.

BI Content Packs for Dynamics 365

As the Dynamics 365 database for each customer is consistently structured in the same way and through our vast experience with thousands of implementations, we have packed that knowlegde all together to better serve your needs and wants through our Content Packs.

We combine different datasets throughout the different Dynamics 365 datasets (even including customizations) and create Content Packs that we deliver with the installation of BIRDS. By default, BIRDS has Content Packs for Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Accounts Payable, Accounts receivable, Projects and Production and General Ledger.

Together with Dynamics Cloud Solutions Providers, we’ve built Content Packs for their IP's as well. Examples are 4PS in the Construction Industry, TCOG in the Retail industry and many more.

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