BIRDS for Supply Chain Management

The most data-intensive department in the company might well be the one dealing with the supply chain. Inventory, logistics, business office and so on. Many different (online) applications are used and thus a lot of data is consumed. Many insights are also needed to work as efficiently as possible.


Power BI for Supply Chain Management

How do you make sure you get the insights you want so you can best serve the organisation? The data sources you need are often in multiple systems and multiple formats. And before you can discover insights, you often need to connect multiple data sources, and that is not easy, as IT needs to be involved because programming is not necessarily part of the job profile within the supply chain department.

What you need is Power BI from Microsoft. A powerful but easy-to-use solution for analysing data. But you need data. That's where BIRDS comes in handy. BIRDS provides a data platform to access all your data sources on and automatically match that data with pre-defined BI Content Packs.

The result of this platform are automated reports with all the performance indicators you need to make your department work effectively.

Kickstart your Power BI & Dynamics project

You might be thinking 'we already use Power BI as an organisation'. But how easy is it to connect new data sources directly to Power BI and how flexible are the reports you use. Or are you still trying to get insights via Excel or other tools? If so, it pays to get acquainted with BIRDS.

BIRDSprovides an intelligent data platform within the Microsoft environmentwith which you can unlock data sources and seamlessly transform them into in-depth insights in Power BI. In other words, BIRDS is a data platform that feeds Power BI. Because BIRDS focuses on Microsoft Dynamics as the main data source, BIRDS comes with a number of pre-filled BI Content Packs that include the Dynamics data structure, so that setting up insights and performance dashboards for your business takes hours instead of days.

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