BIRDS for Sales & Marketing

The world around you is changing extremely fast, competition is often cut-throat and customers are increasingly demanding. To survive, you need insights to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. For insights, you need data, which is both a challenge and the solution.


Power BI for Sales & Marketing

If you work in the sales team, you need insights, especially if you sell products, large projects and services. You want to know which potential customers are ready for a little push to the next stage. Or if you are talking to a customer, you want to have quick insights into their buying behaviour and possibly match their buying patterns with other customers to see where the opportunities are. Marketing also needs data, they want insight into (online) shopping cart analytics, campaigns, conversions, target groups and so on.

But the dataset you need to arrive at these insights are scattered throughout the organisation. And even if you have the datasets, combining them and generating real insights is often a task for the IT department, because as a salesperson or marketer, you are not able to set up all these insights yourself, autonomously.

Power BI is the solution Microsoft provides. But then you are not there yet. What you need is a powerful but user-friendly data platform to unlock all your data sources, and automatically match that data with predefined with BI Content Packs. This allows you to perform initial analysis on your customer data right away. This gives you a flying start, as you don't have to manually unlock all data sources and create reports. You get flexible reports with the ability to do deep analyses independently so that you can speak of 'self-service BI', as you can zoom in the reports as deep as needed to discover opportunities and insights.

Power BI & Dynamics

You may be thinking 'yes, we already use Power BI, yet the above is far from our reality' or maybe your organisation is looking at BI software to generate these insights.

And this then is exactly why you need BIRDS. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that lets you access data sources and seamlessly transform them into in-depth insights in Power BI. In other words, BIRDS ensures thatdedata from systems is converted into data that you can start analysing inPowerBI. Because we focus on Microsoft Dynamics as the main data source, BIRDS comes with a number of pre-filled BI Content Packs, which include the Dynamics data structure, so that setting up insights and performance dashboards takes hours rather than days.

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