Create Power BI dashboards easily with BIRDS

BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that makes it easy to create dashboards in Power BI. More than 350 customers already benefit from BIRDS and use our drag-and-drop analysis tools to combine their data and present it easily in Power BI.


BIRDS saves time & money

The more sources you bring together, the more you can get out of Power BI. But to deploy data, it needs to be in order and categorised in such a way that it gives a good comparison with the other sources. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that allows you to unlock data sources within your Power BI environment. We ensure that the data you use to arrive at new insights are correctly linked.

BIRDS is a solution that provides standard Power BI dashboards, saving users a lot of time and effort when creating their own dashboards or hiring expensive consultants. We have already helped more than 350 customers in this way..

This is how you avoid high consultancy fees

With BIRDS products and services, expensive consultancy fees are a thing of the past! Check out the main products and services we offer below.

01 Power BI Dashboards

02 Power BI Consultancy

03 Power BI Content Packs


Power BI Dashboards

BIRDS makes it easy to set up performance dashboards in Power BI. BIRDS is a solution that provides standard Power BI dashboards, saving users a lot of time and effort when creating their own dashboards or hiring expensive consultants. We have 85% of your BI - requirements already set up!

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Power BI Consultancy

BI is always evolving. After implementation, new questions always arise or new sources are added, for example. It is therefore an organic process in which the consultants who implement BIRDS provide support for optimal results.

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Power BI Content Packs

You can kickstart your BI implementation with the BIRDS BI Content Packs. These Content Packs allow you to use Power BI objects such as reports, data sets, dashboards or Excel Workbooks. The best thing about Content Packs is that when we install BIRDS, you will have your first performance dashboards ready within hours, instead of days if you have to work on your own.
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Check out Trust International's customer case study

Trust International supplies digital lifestyle accessories worldwide. They are developing smart, user-friendly products every day. A few years ago, the company decided to upgrade its existing Dynamics ERP system. At that time, it was using a BI solution that was deeply intertwined with the ERP.

To get off to a quick start, BIRDS was chosen. Thus, Trust quickly bridged the gap between Dynamics ERP and Power BI; 75% of the solution worked out-of-the-box as desired. The choice of BIRDS also fitted well with Trust's 'Build vs. Buy' strategy. The company makes what it is good at, and buys in what someone else can do better.

The biggest advantage of BIRDS' solution is that it now works with a single truth. Trust gets insights from the solution into the different markets it operates in. Every day, BIRDS is used to see how teams around the world are doing and where there is room for improvement.

The power of Power BI is visualisation. It translates numbers into images. Even business units traditionally anchored in numbers such as finance can visualise their output. Visualisation makes data more insightful and thus helps make better decisions about processes and products, which accelerates Trust's growth.

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