Data warehouse automation

Data warehouse automation (DWA) is the process of accelerating and automating data warehouse development cycles. DWA has as objective to automate the entire lifecycle of a data warehouse for source system analysis to loading the data into a front end. The benefit of data warehouse automation is the ability to deliver BI projects way faster and with less resources.

Adding BIRDS as Data Warehouse Automation to your Power BI environment has some powerful benefits. The first one is about speed and agility. Without decent DWA you connect Dynamics 365 or other data sources direct to Power BI. This means you request large datasets (millions of terabytes) continuously between both applications, slowing down your analysis and your Time to Value. With DWA you have a single analysis repository that’s build for scale and for extracting different data sources so you can work quickly and efficiently with the Power BI front end.

Power BI without Data Warehouse Automation

For most of our customers the primary data source is Microsoft Dynamics 365. These applications hold thousands of tables all storing data so that’s quite a big thing to connect straight to Power BI, we’ve seen tents of customers failing to do this at scale. For these customers connect Power BI direct to Dynamics 365 results in with fast results. But the more request, pull-requests between modules and different data sources this becomes fast to complex without DWA. The same goes for modeling. Modeling hundreds of tables is possible in Power BI, but it is not easy to manage, even when using the new ‘Modelling Views’ feature.

Data Warehouse Automation makes BI leaner, more flexible and less expensive while improving productivity. And as BIRDS is a low code development DWA you don’t have to worry about finding developers and you can do the implementations with fewer consultants.

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