Power BI for Fashion Retailers and Fashion Wholesalers

Both fashion retailer and fashion wholesalers have their work cut out for them. High inflation and rising costs put pressure on revenue and margins. Customers have more choices online and can easily compare prizes. At the same time something need to be done to comply with sustainability governance and to speed up digitization. Combining Power BI with BIRDS will help you traverse this difficult arena with smart choices.


What is Power BI?

Should you aim for increased margins by picking high volume discounts or should you settle for a higher purchase price to alleviate the risk of overstock? Can you assist you retailers need to comply with sustainability governance? Van your wholesaler help you increase the pace of digitization and innovation? Are there sales opportunities on the other side of the border or hidden possibilities in your own country? The answer to these questions, and many more, are hiding inside you company’s data. Power BI helps you distill answers out of raw data. Combine past number with future forecasts to gain new and valuable insights. Make reports, analysis and predictions. Power BI tells you how things are going and what’s (probably) about to happen.

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What is BIRDS for Power BI?

The more data sources you combine, the more you get out of Power BI. But new data needs to be properly aligned with existing data to get reliable results. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that helps you unlock new data sources in your Power BI environment. We make sure that the data you use to gain insights is properly integrated in you environment.

Our strengths

  • Insights from day 1 –Our kickstart packs give you a head start with Power BI. Our standard dashboards give you insights from day 1 and serve as a starting point if you want to personalize your reports.
  • We collect data, you interpret it –Unlock the power of a data driven organization by having properly ordered data to interpret. We make sure the collection and alignment of your data runs effortlessly in the background.
  • We keep your data structured –By making sure you always have logically defined data to work with, we prevent apples to oranges comparisons. By allowing you to easily add extra data sources to be BIRDS, you get easy access to as much data as you need.
  • We keep your data healthy – Use our monitoring service to keep an eye on your data. We keep a continuous watch of you dataflows and can give you a timely warning of overuse of Azure, making sure you keep your costs well in hand.
  • We transform your wishes into solutions –Whether you wish for a specific data source, KPI or dashboard, you can rely on our team of 50 BI-specialists to help you realize it.

Do fashion retailers and wholesalers need Power BI?

Almost every challenge you face as a fashion retailer or wholesaler is easier to meet when you have Power BI to consult. Take these examples.

1. Keep a sharp eye on revenue, margins and costs

Revenue, margins and costs determine your success in fashion. Power BI helps you keep track of the profit you get from your revenue and allows you to predict future revenue. Use past results to discover future opportunities.

2. Sustainability

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Help shed that negative reputation by going full in on sustainability. Utilize Power BI to predict possible results from actions and to keep track of the many different sustainability labels. Use this as a basis to increase your transparency towards customers and within the supply chain.

3. Maintain online platforms

Both wholesalers and retailers use online platforms as sales channels. Going all-in on niche sales channels takes away your ability to keep track of you platform or platforms. Use Power BI to bring disparate data sources together again, compare them to each other and keep track of all you brands and products.

4. Visualize the supply chain

Corona has taught everyone about the precariousness of the global supply chain. Use Power BI to keep a sharp eye on the most important aspects of your supply chain. Leverage your insights to match your purchases to avoid possible disturbances.

5. Stay unique

Make an overview of your competitor’s activities and compare it with you capabilities. Use Power BI’s forecasting to find tomorrow’s top product today. Make sure you’re offerings stay unique using the power of smart purchasing.

6. Operate internationally

Join data from all countries to you own and discover new possibilities. Are there opportunities within the EU or outside of it? Use BIRDS for Power BI and find out.

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