Power BI for Construction Companies

There are many opportunities in the construction industry, but the availability of sufficient skilled labour can be a barrier to taking advantage of them. Innovation is crucial for the construction industry, both to realise future projects and to respond more efficiently to the increasing demand for services. BIRDS provides the opportunity to use Power BI to get the right information needed to effectively manage the dynamic construction industry. This allows construction companies to better prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by the sector.


BIRDS for Power BI & Dynamics

Answering crucial questions in the construction industry, such as understanding forecasts, meeting sustainability standards, and making the best use of equipment, requires the use of data. Power BI plays a vital role in this by helping you extract valuable insights from this data. It allows you to combine historical data with future forecasts to gain new perspectives. With Power BI, you can create reports, perform analysis and generate forecasts, giving you answers to how things are currently going and what is likely to happen in the future. This is invaluable for making informed decisions and optimising construction projects.

Power BI data platform BIRDS

Optimising insights in Power BI frequently requires aggregating multiple sources, but in order to use this data effectively, it must be properly organised and structured so that it can be used meaningfully. BIRDS is an intelligent data platform that enables you to access and integrate data sources within your Power BI environment. We make sure the data is linked correctly, allowing you to get the insights you are looking for. This makes Power BI a powerful tool for making informed decisions based on accurate and combined data.

  1. Instant insights: With our kickstart packages, you can start using Power BI immediately. Our standard dashboards provide you with insights from day one and serve as a starting point to customise your reports to your needs.
  2. We collect data, you interpret: Reap the benefits of a data-driven organisation by interpreting well-organised data. We ensure that the technical process of data collection and structuring runs smoothly.
  3. Maintaining data structure: We make sure you are always working with logically defined data, allowing you to compare apples to apples. Easily linking additional data sources to BIRDS gives you flexible access to as much data as you need.
  4. Keeping data healthy: Use our monitoring service to keep an eye on your data. We constantly monitor the data flow and can give you timely warnings of impending instability or performance problems.
  5. Customised solutions: Whether you need a specific data source, KPI or dashboard, our team of more than 50 BI specialists is ready to translate your requirements into solutions you can rely on.

The benefits of Power BI for construction companies

Why do construction companies benefit from using Power BI? Here are some examples of how Power BI can help solve construction industry challenges:

  • Chain collaboration: Power BI allows you to keep an overview of the various parties involved in construction projects, which is essential for effective collaboration.
  • CO2 budget: Monitoring CO2 emissions in projects is crucial to stay within budgets and meet environmental targets.
  • Circularity and sustainability: Power BI can help manage used building materials and meet requirements for circular and sustainable construction practices.
  • BIM (Building Information Management): Power BI provides a platform to centralise and analyse BIM data, which can lead to smarter collaboration, procurement and planning.
  • Wkb (Building Quality Assurance Act): Power BI can help capture and leverage mandatory data, and identify new opportunities.
  • Innovative building: Collecting and analysing data from building innovations such as cobotics, robotics and augmented reality can help to work more efficiently and discover new opportunities.
  • Innovating traditionally: Power BI can improve traditional ways of working by enabling better forecasting, budget comparisons and cash flow management. In short, Power BI provides construction companies with the tools and insights they need to meet the challenges.

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