FAQ Power BI & Dynamics

Als je met Business Intelligence (BI) aan de slag gaat vliegen de IT buzzwords je om de oren. Jij wilt helemaal niks weten van de datamodellen, jij wilt informatie op je scherm waarmee je kunt analyseren. Wel verstandig om in ieder geval deze vragen eens door te lezen

Isn’t Power BI a self-service BI? Why do I need a partner?

Power BI allows advanced users to make their own (additions to) dashboards. But that requires linked data. To link data, you need manpower and expertise. At BIRDS, we have a large group of experts who complement each other while implementing your data platform. You get a solid solution that is set up faster. By taking our out-of-the-box solution as a basis, you immediately save 100 days of time compared to a ‘bare’ implementation.

Can you combine Power BI with Dynamics without a data platform?

Although it’s possible to combine Power BI with Dynamics without using a data platform, it’s not advisable. Retrieving data from Dynamics requires expertise. Manually managing and collecting Dynamics data for Power BI is labor-intensive and prone to errors. Therefore, it is recommended to first collect data on a data platform and then automatically import it into Power BI.

What place does the BIRDS solution take within the Microsoft ecosystem?

We position our solution within the Microsoft ecosystem as the center of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is Power BI. If an employee within your organization creates an analysis, that part is visible. Dynamics forms the roots of the same iceberg. BIRDS is located between the two parts and thus forms a bridge between the hidden data beneath the waves and the visible peak.

Why should I choose BIRDS instead of my usual IT provider?

We specialize in BI. While your usual IT provider is undoubtedly at home in your organization and knows the general solutions required, we find that in practice, the required expertise to get the most out of BI is lacking in general parties. We are familiar with the ins-and-outs of Dynamics and are fully at home in the possibilities of Power BI. That is why we get better results in less time.

How do you get fresh insights?

Where are opportunities for your organization and how can you make use of them? You can find the answer to those questions in your data. BIRDS helps you get insights from your data by combining Power BI with Dynamics. Curious to discover what possibilities this offers for your organization?  Contact us, and we will show you.