BIRDS for Microsoft D365 Field Service

Improve your Field Services with BIRDS

Effective Field Service support requires an efficient mobile application. This prompted Microsoft to move Field Service support to the Dynamics CE (Customer Engagement) platform. BIRDS for Microsoft D365 Field Service ensures you can continue to analyze your data in Power BI, no matter where Field Service is supported from.

Optimize your Field Services

Regardless of the goals of your organization or the size of your department, one thing is inevitable: optimizing Field Services starts with a high 'first time fix' percentage. If your service technicians provide a solution on the first visit, it saves trips, increases customers satisfaction and reduces your costs. Leverage Power BI to ensure your first time fix rate is excellent.

By reviewing all your Field Service data in dashboards, it's easy to see the underlying causes of unsuccessful service calls. Were the wrong tools in the van? Was there a certification issue? Would a different schedule have led to better outcomes? Discover the cause of problems and adjust your processes accordingly.

Thanks to BIRDS for Microsoft D365 Field Service, you can easily add all relevant Field Service data to your data warehouse. This provides you with an excellent foundation to build dashboards that will help you optimize your Field Service department. We make sure your data points are at your fingertips and maintain your solution so you can keep up with Microsoft updates.

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Optimize Field Services with BIRDS  for Microsoft D365 Field Service

01 First time fix

02 Manage service costs

03 Insight in your people


First time fix

Find out how often your teams solve customer’s problems on the first visit and what’s needed increase their success rate.


Manage service costs

Stay on top of your service department’s costs and how they relate to the revenue from your SLAs. Base decisions on statistics rather than intuition.


Insight in your people

Monitor the performance of your service employees. Find out where they need to improve and discover what skills need to be learned to better fulfil customer demands.

BIRDS for Microsoft D365 Field Service

Strengthen the foundation of your data with BIRDS for Microsoft D365 Field Service. In our data platform, you can add the various types of Dynamics 365, such as Finance & Operations, Customer Service, Business Central and Customer Engagement. BIRDS also supports older versions such as Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics NAV and more.

Faster insights: Use your own data warehouse to quickly turn raw data into smart insights.

Keep up with updates: No matter how many updates Microsoft makes, your solution works reliably.

Keep up with change: The world’s changing rapidly, we’ll help you keep up.